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Our group encourages kids (and adults!) to get outside and enjoy your local natural aquatic areas while also collecting any litter you find. After you get home with your collected trash, make decisions about what can be recycled or used for a new craft project. After safely cleaning your materials and creating a new project, please share a picture of your craft with us!


About Waterways and Lakes Litter Recycle/Upcycle Society

A few years ago, Victoria, one of our founders, was hesitant about helping clean up the local lake as a good community service project. Since she was so young, cleaning up wasn’t her favorite way to spend her free time! Her dad jokingly said they were a part of a group called Walrus that helped clean up waterways and lakes. Being a part of this imaginary group motivated her to help!
In 2020, Victoria was retelling the story to her friends. The group decided that while it may have started as a joke, creating an organization of kids dedicated to cleaning up natural aquatic areas was a great idea! The group hopes to not only clean up the environment, but to make decisions about what can be recycled or even upcycled into new crafts!

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Ready to make an impact? Have you already been busy cleaning or crafting? Contact us to learn how we can begin working together or share your experience with us!

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